Integrated Basin Development And Livelihood Promotion Programme

IBDLP, the flagship livelihood programme of the Government of Meghalaya aims to put the state on a higher growth trajectory and improve the quality of life of all its citizens. It seeks to redefine the relationship between the citizen and state. IBDLP has brought a paradigm shift in the way development is viewed and administered by moving from the current supply driven beneficiary model of development to a demand driven partnership model of development. The focus will be on ushering in a culture of entrepreneurship in the state by encouraging citizens to see themselves as entrepreneurs, and to create the right eco-systems for entrepreneurship to flourish.

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The Cherrapunji Rain Musuem & Weather Center

As the vapor laden cloud from the Bay of Bengal proceeds northward over the plains of Bangladesh lying at almost sea level, the Khasi Hills erupt abruptly towering to a height of about 4500 feet on the path of it. On the southern edge of Khasi Hills lies the small town of Cherrapunji, locally known as Sohra. As a result,Cherrapunjee in Meghalaya is known to have scripted many hallmarks in the weather record books, for receiving incessant torrential and eventful rain over any year and for years together. This unique positioning attributes a very niche weather to Sohra making it a prominent research interest for the weather scientists.

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